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/ˈmʌɪdəs tʌtʃ/


"The ability to make a success out of anything one undertakes"


Midas is a customizable configurator tool utilising powerful 3D visualisation capabilities. Midas software is combined with photo-realistic 3D visualisation enabling you to showcase your full catalogue of products, models, colours and textures in a simple, easy, engaging way. Taking out the guesswork, Midas users can interact with your products to their own desire, choosing the perfect item or combination!


Midas has proven to be a successful sales tool assisting an undecided customer to make concise decisions, resulting in an end product that fully meets each client's personal requirements.  







As technology advances and is more accessible to everyone, customers are increasingly shopping online in the comfort of their homes. We believe it's crucial that customers using this method of browsing for goods and services have a streamlined experience. Midas & our photorealistic 3D visualisation can bring your products to life with pinpoint accuracy. Midas can be very simply integrated into an existing website or we can even design a bespoke website for your brand.


The ability to see an accurate variance of your products from start to finish removes any doubt and instead instills confidence in the consumer understanding your product fit for their needs. This effective process naturally increases time spent on your website which in turn results in refined sample selections and purposeful showroom and retail store visits.




Investing in a Midas solution will be split in the following deliveries:


  • Midas base platform

    • Base price for the Midas software

    • Optional bespoke user interface

    • Add ons

  • 3D Visuals

    • Creating new CGI room sets or recreating content supplied

    • Allowing 3D visuals to be customised in the configurator (defining layers and masks)

  • Textures - creating new textures and colour

  • License and hosting, annual maintenance fee


Contact us to receive your Gold, Silver or Bronze pricing structure, tailored to your requirements. 








We have vast collective experience in the interior and architectural sector. Using our extensive knowledge of products in this area, we can deliver a configurator that will showcase your collections perfectly. We look at fabrics, textures and contours and focus on their reaction to light in a space to really allow the user to appreciate how their selected item will work in their own home or for your business.

We appreciate the complexity of the design required to achieve a product range suitable for the market in the automotive sector. To allow a user to choose from your catalogue of finishes, we can seamlessly change the exterior body colours, interior upholstery, alloy wheels and trims. An excited customer can visit your showroom to explore options under your advice or at home with the family.

Being bold has never been easier! A fashion conscience customer or a novice can both easily find their place using our fashion configurator. The user can combine cloth and accessory to produce their individual style, or design bespoke items to create their own unique pieces.

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3D Visualisation 

Our 3D visualisation service is a cost-effective alternative for your product marketing. Removing the need for studio time, location shoots, production and photography.


Our processes are design and technology-led which results in refined and efficient delivery. Our superior design service has benefited interior suppliers, architectural, automotive, fashion & hard fittings sectors.